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Fair skinned girl experiences difficulty buying bathing suit


Eighteen-year-old, Melissa Macias (pictured on right), was recently trying on bathing suits at a local mall to prepare for summer; however, she realized that she had become so pale during the winter season that she was unable to see her own reflection in the mirror. She told sources that, at first, she thought she had died and turned into a ghost. After attempting to exercise her rights as a ghost and scare local mall patrons, mainly by saying “boo” and making “ghost-like-sounds,” her friend (pictured beside Ms. Macias) told her that she was not in fact a ghost, but just fair-skinned.

Ms. Macias told sources that although she believed her friend, she continued scaring mall patrons and dragging around a set of chains from Sears just in case her friend was wrong and/or for preparatory measures should she turn into a ghost in the future. Until Ms. Macias receives an adequate tan, she is only able to be seen in photographs in which she is pictured against a dark background (e.g., on left pictured against a dark blue ocean – DO NOT BE ALARMED, Ms. Macias has legs and a lower torso, they are just impossible to see against the white colored boat).


How are we doing?? Let us know and we’ll let you buy us something!!




Image source:
retiring” by The College Prepster. This was not altered. June 28, 2011.


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33 replies

  1. Hahahaha! Coolest blog EVER!!! Reminds me of the Indian version of Faking News. You rock :)

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  2. You Really are the Cat’s Potatoes! Err, You know what I mean.

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  3. It’s a pity but the sun is not a friend to light skinned ladies ( or to anyone these days).

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  4. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  5. Thanks for following The Upsizers!

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  6. As a Canadian and a life-long resident of the Great White North I can easily understand and relate to the issue of a whiter shade of pale.

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  7. It is a shame that it isnt popular to be fair skinned, like it was i Victorian days-then, it meant you were wealthy and didnt have to work out doors. Oh, well. We are who we are.beebeesworld

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  8. Being pale is just not “in” like it was in Victorian days when it proved you didnt have to work. Thanks for reading my block. I will follow your blog and hope you will follow mine beebeesworld

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  9. Ha ha-awesome post! I too come from the clan of the fish belly white skin coloration! Thanks for liking my landspeeder post!

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  10. She does look poorly….

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  11. I look just like her. At 57, though I learned that beauty is truly only skin deep–and that some of mine needed to be cut off because of melanoma. Now, pasty white = healthy in my mind. Be careful what you wish for!

    And thanks for the follow!

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  12. Vampire – soppy cow is a vampire! Ghost? Rubbish – great post by the way!

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    • OH MY GOD YOU’RE RIGHT…how did we miss that?!! And you’d think her biting my neck and draining blood would have been a huge giveaway :) and thanks for compliment, we would like to return the complement and say that you look really great today! Yep, that’s us staring at you from behind the bushes.


  13. As someone who shares Ms. Marcias’s problem, I can, in fact, say that people will think she is a ghost.

    Possible side effects include owning larger homes at bottom of the line prices, and priests throwing water on you.

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