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Meanwhile at the zoo…

    Despite receiving no response, a local man at the zoo continues to plead with a gecko to lower his car insurance deductible.       Image attribution: “Flickr Madagascar Giant Day Gecko” by Nick Michalski.

Advances in board game science

  Board game scientists recently discovered that whether or not parents let their child win at Monopoly later predicts that child’s willingness to take care of their parents during their terminal stages of life.     Image attribution: “bankers-anonymous.com”

In local online dating news…

    Woman excludes approximately 98.2% of the male dating pool by stating that she is looking for a man who is both honest and caring.           Image attribution: “Flickr Working on laptop” by  Hans Kristian Aas.

Nissan executives befuddled

Top executives at Nissan recently met to try to understand why consumers have actually purchased the Nissan Cube. As stated by Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, “This boxy looking piece of shit really shouldn’t have sold a single unit.” Apparently, Nissan’s… Read More ›


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